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Aviation accidents frequently result in some of the most serious and catastrophic injuries encountered in the area of personal injury law, and the attorneys at Kurtz Law, APC apply their skill and experience toward securing the maximum compensation available to people who are injured.

Given the devastation and destruction that accompanies an airplane or helicopter crash, determining the cause and liability of the accident is often a complicated matter.

Claims and litigation for aviation accidents require specialized expertise and extensive investigation and knowledge of a complex set of laws and statutes. Exceptionally important details can make the difference in winning compensation for injury or death. We are experts at conducting a careful study of the circumstances around the accident such as weather; the experience, qualifications, and actions of the pilot, crew or personnel; air traffic controllers’ instructions; aircraft maintenance; or the functionality of the aircraft or instruments that may contribute to the accident.

Kurtz Law provides you exceptionally experienced aviation legal experts and strategies, investigative resources, and aviation industry knowledge so you can pursue rightful compensation for your injury.
Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

The most common aviation accidents are due to pilot error, faulty equipment, and bad weather conditions.  Other types of aviation accidents may be the result of:

  • Head or bodily injury from turbulence
  • Hazardous cargo
  • Fuel exhaust
  • Landing and takeoff deviation
  • Structural failure
  • Engine or other mechanical failure
Negligence in Aviation Accidents

Certain malfunctions can point to possible negligence including:

  • Defective design, installation or manufacture
  • Inadequate testing of a part
  • Improper quality control
  • Improper use
  • Inadequate inspection or maintenance
  • Inadequate cooling or lubrication

Operational failures may also be the root cause of some aviation injuries including:

  • Failure to fly within the aircraft’s limitations
  • Operating while fatigued or impaired
  • Inadequate inspection, maintenance, or repairs
  • Operating in unsafe environmental conditions
  • Failure to follow safety regulations
  • Improper training, supervision of personnel or procedures, or negligent hiring of pilots or operators
  • Inadequate procedures or manuals

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