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Brain Injury / Premise Liability Personal Injury: $12,500,000

Personal Injury / Brain Injury: $4,500,000

Brain Injury / Personal Injury: $2,900,000

Brain Injury / Aviation Personal Injury: $1,000,000

Medical Malpractice Injury:

Premise Liability Personal Injury:
$1, 600,000


“Elizabeth is an amazing, amazing person and an extraordinary attorney. She is so tenacious, she thinks of absolutely everything, and will fight and fight and fight for you as if you are her own family.

Three other lawyers refused our case because they feared the circumstances surrounding my son’s injury might make it challenging to argue the case. Elizabeth immediately looked beyond the moment of injury and focused on what actually happened to my son. She took extensive time to talk to experts and doctors to discover delay in his care was a major factor in the ultimate severity of my son’s brain injury.

Elizabeth has been an unyielding force for my son. She dotted all the “I”s, every “T” and went to the ends of the earth to get for my son what he deserved. The compensation Elizabeth secured for him means I can continue to work and live, and that my son will be receiving all the medical care, therapies, and personal care he needs for the rest of his life.

I am so grateful to Elizabeth. If you have been injured, hire her. She will fight for everything you think you deserve – and she will go beyond that to fighting for things you didn’t know you should have.”

-Mary H.


Elizabeth is so knowledgeable and thorough. She won a lawsuit against the hospital because they delayed my care. No one else would take my case. She was instrumental for me in my recovery from traumatic brain injury. She completely upsets her opponents in a nice way. She knows how to win!!!!!! She also knows what she is doing and she knows what the things that I wanted but couldn’t have because (at the time, I didn’t realize) would have jeopardized my case and she was firm with me and she was just trying to win the case not doing it for money but because she loves to win cases for her clients. Highly recommended for a better lawyer that you have currently!!!!!!!”

-Daniel H.


A friend of mine, a lawyer, recommended Elizabeth Kurtz and it was among the best suggestions he has ever made.

My wife and I had a need for a personal injury lawyer due to an uncooperative insurance company. We did not know what to do next and I asked for guidance from my friend. Enter Elizabeth Kurtz. She was professional and encouraging from the first meeting. Elizabeth never promised anything except her best effort. And, what an effort it was. When things seemed to be dragging out and we were ready to surrender, Elizabeth kept us focused and going forward.

Elizabeth was always looking for ways to help us understand the process. While being thorough and tenacious, she always kept the highest ethical standards. We never questioned her advice or her methods.

While I hope to never need her services again, if I did, I would call her immediately. Elizabeth knows the law and she knows how to help and protect her clients. She has my everlasting appreciation and respect for her ability to counsel in a time of great need.”

-Ralph and Rosalie


“I became a client of Elizabeth Kurtz, Kurtz Law, after suffering a traumatic personal injury. Everything about it was entirely disconcerting and unfamiliar to me. Elizabeth immediately took control of the situation, handling all matters of communication related to the incident. 

Elizabeth made sure that I knew that my needs and concerns were a priority, whether the need was for a more immediate settlement, or whether there was the opportunity to allow for more involved negotiations, and what steps beyond settlement were going to be in my best interest. She took the time to explain, advise, and listen.

She took great time and consideration to give patient attention to my realities as they were prior to, during the immediate recovery from, and looking ahead to life following the incident. This often meant allowing me the time to process throughout the process.

Elizabeth worked with me and advocated for me throughout. This continued even as my matter drew to a close from a legal standpoint. She made sure that I was aware of options and resources available to me so that I could come out of an unexpected, life-altering event as prepared and equipped as possible. 

If you or anyone you know should find yourself in a situation where this type of legal representation is required, rest assured that Elizabeth Kurtz will serve above and beyond.

-Candice A.


Elizabeth was invaluable in helping me through a legal dispute with my former employer. From the initial consultation on, she was easy to talk to and made me feel at ease when speaking with her about all the details of my case. She is very knowledgeable about the law and was innovative in her strategic thinking throughout my lawsuit. She fought hard for me and went above and beyond to ensure a great outcome while maintaining a high level of professionalism and integrity. I will recommend her to friends and family in need of legal counsel.”

-Laurie M


“My experience with you has been very pleasant. I felt that you truly believed in my case and cared about what I was going through. You added a great deal of value with your expertise, overwhelming knowledge and being fierce when needed. You made this process easier for me with your friendly personality. You took care of everything regarding the other party. I felt that I was in great hands with you. I highly recommend Kurtz Law.”

-Suzy L.

Recent Settlements

Brain Injury / Premise Liability Personal Injury: $12,500,000

Personal Injury / Brain Injury: $4,500,000

Personal Injury / Brain Injury : $2,900.000

Premise Liability Personal Injury: $1,600.000

Brain Injury / Aviation Personal Injury: $1,000,000

Medical Malpractice Injury: $800,000

Brain Injury: $500,000

Auto vs. Auto / Personal Injury: $290,000

Auto vs. Auto / Personal Injury: $286,000

Employment Case: $150,000

Auto vs. Auto Personal Injury: $60,000

Auto vs Auto Personal Injury: $50,000 (Policy Limits)


Elizabeth helped us out a lot. We knew nothing about what to do or the law. We were clueless. She even came to the house, and explained everything to us step by step. She was there for us the whole way, and got us a settlement we wouldn’t have otherwise received.”

-Tam Vu
Orange County, CA


“I want to acknowledge attorney Elizabeth Kurtz for her professionalism in handling our litigation. I was skeptical of hiring an attorney at the outset.  However, once it was all said and done I have to admit I felt much better having the expertise of Elizabeth Kurtz guiding us along the way.  Lawsuits are never fun.  They can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through them.  However, Elizabeth Kurtz made us feel very comfortable and kept us informed about the case every step of the way. Her level-headed and calm approach to the situation made the process much smoother than I could have imagined.  I would be proud to refer my family, friends and even strangers to her firm as I am sure they will be happy with her legal expertise.”

-Jeff M.
Laguna Hills, CA


“First and foremost, thank you for handling my daughter’s case quickly with professionalism, and patience.  My daughter suffered post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the car accident and she was very sensitive about discussing the accident. You handled her with special care and were sensitive to her needs. I truly appreciated the fact that you were always looking out for the welfare of my daughter, ensuring that she received the appropriate care and was represented fairly. I remember a time that we were deciding which route we were heading on the case and you discussed every fine detail, describing the pros and cons for each item. Since we never have been down this road before, we appreciated the extra time in helping us understand the legal process and what could happen for each scenario.  We did not want my daughter to suffer more emotionally by going through the lengthy judicial process to discuss the case again in detail.  Talking about the accident was very, very difficult for my daughter because she felt like she was re-living it all over again.   

My daughter was very happy after the case was settled so that she could move on with her life.  It was a chapter in her life that was very painful, emotionally and physically, and we will always be grateful for your help.  Thank you so much for everything.”



Elizabeth represented my family and I in a situation involving our small family business.  She quickly grasped the complicated issues and showed patience in preparing us for depositions with firm tenacity, while at the same time protecting our interests.  Throughout her representation of our family she displayed a high level of business and legal knowledge and professionalism, and was able to guide us through a confusing and challenging processI have and will continue to refer Elizabeth to anyone needing legal support.

-Andy S.


“As the head of a young, growing entrepreneurial business I find that from time to time legal advice is not only helpful, but can actually be essential.  About a year ago I reached out to Elizabeth Kurtz with some business questions that had the ability to impact my organization.  I found Elizabeth to be a key resource in my decision making process.  Her counsel was just the assistance I needed and as a result I was able to substantially increase my bottom line (which as we all know can be critical to a small company).  

Since that time, I have asked her to review and solidify company documents, as well as provide counsel on client relationships.  Each time I have felt that I have received top-notch information and she has gone above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction as well as a solid partnership in my ability to navigate the best recourse for my clients.

I would recommend Elizabeth Kurtz to anyone in the business world looking for that attorney you want to trust, create a partnership environment with and understand that small businesses need value for their dollar.  She is a great legal resource to have in your corner.”

-Vicki H.
Business Owner

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