Catastrophic Injury

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Catastrophic Injury Attorney

A “catastrophic” injury is a physical or mental injury that permanently damages you and impacts your life. It often results in some type of permanent disability, impairment, or a loss of or damage to an organ. Such an injury may prevent you from working or caring for yourself, your family, or your business.  Perhaps it prevents you from thinking clearly or employing sound judgment, or forming memories.

Not all catastrophic injuries are physical and visible. Some impair mental abilities, speech or hearing, memory, ability to focus, or behavior and personality.

The physical pain and emotional and financial consequences of a catastrophic injury can span years or an entire lifetime.

Injuries commonly categorized as “catastrophic” include:

Compensation or settlement is often more significant than other types of personal injury.  Because of this, catastrophic cases are complex and require hard-fought negotiation or litigation to win compensation that is just and fair.

At Kurtz Law we are dedicated to investing in the time, expertise, and energy it takes to win you maximum compensation for the dramatic impact of such an injury on your life.  We are specialists in handling major injury cases and have a track record of winning very difficult cases.

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“Elizabeth is an amazing, amazing person and an extraordinary attorney.  Three other lawyers refused our case because they feared the circumstances surrounding my son’s injury might make it challenging to argue the case. Elizabeth immediately looked beyond the moment of injury and focused on what actually happened to my son. She took extensive time to talk to experts. I am so grateful to Elizabeth. If you have been injured, hire her. She will fight for everything you think you deserve – and she will go beyond that to fighting for things you didn’t know you should have.”

– Mary H.

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