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Defective Products Injury Attorney

California has many product liability laws designed to protect consumers from harm.  There are strict time limits in which to file a claim for a product-related injury, so it is extremely important to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and your claim to compensation.

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By having attorney Elizbeth Kurtz at your side early, you will have the chance to have your claim thoroughly investigated and filed for you before the time limitation passes.  And, most importantly the facts, information, materials, and witnesses have the best chance of providing all the information while it is still available.

What to Know About Product Defects Claims

The defect in the product normally falls into one or more of three categories:

  • Design defect, which means the design of the product itself was unsound in some way.
  • Manufacturing defect which means there were errors, mistakes, or negligence in the manufacturing process, making the product dangerous for the user.
  • Failure to warn, which may mean the product was not properly labeled, there were inadequate directions on correct product use, or lack of warnings against foreseeable misuse of the product.

The company must be shown to be liable for at least some portion of your injury, losses and / or damages.

There may be several parties responsible for a defective product, including the manufacturer, designers, distributor, or sales outlet.  Elizabeth Kurtz has more than 17 years experience and the expertise to know which parties may be responsible for your injury and against whom you have a justified claim. She has handled product defect cases for both plantiff side and over 10 years experience in defense.

Damages in a Product Liability Lawsuit

Defective products can seriously injure users or bystanders. The result can be costly medical treatments, long-term or permanent disabilities, lengthy rehabilitation, lost income or a reduced earning capacity. Family may be left with the responsibility of caring for an injured loved one. A catastrophic injury may mean a lifetime of costly medical care, permanent disability, and reduced life opportunities.

Different types of losses – or damages – from a product injury might include:

  • Economic damages: These are typically out-of-pocket expenses, which include lost wages, present and future; medical treatments; medications; physical and psychological therapies; surgeries; assistive or mobility devices; or services cost like household services or in-home care.
  • General damages: These type of damages are difficult to measure, but are a recognized consequence of a serious injury. General damages are  beyond out-of- pocket expenses and typically encompass the emotional and personal impact of the injury on your life.  General damage compensation assigns a value to some of the intangible aspects of the injury, such as the pain; suffering; disability; changes in family relationships; future losses, such as wages, job opportunities, etc.; and any permanent consequences of the injury.
  • Punitive damages: In some cases, compensation for a product injury may award financial damages intended to punish a product manufacturer whose actions amounted to fraud or severe negligence.
Why Other Law Firms Refer Cases to Elizabeth Kurtz

Successful product defect cases require in-depth knowledge and the ability to show product causation from a defective product.

The legal team at Kurtz Law is known for the expertise and experience to analyze and develop winning strategies in product defects cases.  With our prior experience in defending companies from product liability claims, we thoroughly understand how companies and insurance carriers attempt to avoid paying compensation to victims of product defects.  Kurtz Law has:

  • a track record of successful multi-million-dollar settlements and winning complex cases against corporate, manufacturing, and insurance companies
  • a team of skilled investigators and expert witnesses
  • partnerships with the most successful product liability legal teams
  • proven negotiation skills
  • the highest professional ethics and standard
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  • a focus on injured parties (plaintiffs) and their families only

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