Food Contamination

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Food Contamination Liability Claims

Food manufacturers, processors, suppliers, restaurants, and grocers have a legal responsibility to follow food health and safety regulations to prevent food contamination and injury to consumers. One or more of the parties in the “food chain” operations can be held to be liable for illness or injury caused by the products they produce, supply, or serve.

In general, there are three types of food contamination:

Biological or Pathogen Contamination

This is a bacteria or a virus that gets into food, like E.Coli, Salmonella, or Hepatitis. Such contaminants can cause serious illness, medical problems, or even death.  They are found in food that hasn’t been stored or prepared properly.  These pathogens can also enter food from a facility that is unsanitary.

Physical Contamination

Physical contamination refers to some type of foreign object contaminating the food,  such as glass, metal, bones, rocks, or plastic.  Contamination like this happens most often during the production process, but it can happen during the preparation or serving of food.

Chemical Contamination

Toxic chemicals that enter food can be especially dangerous because they introduce poisons into the body which may cause serious health damage or death.

Chemical contamination may stem from negligence, failure to take appropriate care during storing, transporting, or preparing food; or it may come from a defective food product.

You may recover compensation for food contamination injury including your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and emotional distress.  If the contamination causes death, family members may be justified in bringing a wrongful death case against those in the food supply.  The food supply chain may involve:

  • the grower or supplier of the food product
  • a processor or refiner
  • the wholesaler or retailer
  • the seller or preparer of the food

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