Sporting Accidents

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Sporting Accident Attorney

Kurtz Law has been successful in representing individuals who have been injured while engaging in sporting activities.

Participating in, or being a spectator at, organized sporting activities involves some degree of risk of personal injury. Whenever you voluntarily engage in a sports activity, the law assumes that you willingly accept some risk by participating.  Under normal athletic play facilities, owners, teams, coaches, and players are not responsible for injuries that occur in the usual course of play.  However, they still need to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of participants.

When a sports injury occurs outside of the normal risks associated with participating in a sports event, i.e. when there is some kind of negligence, the law does provide you the right to recover damages for injury for “abnormal” risks.
Those circumstances generally involve some kind of negligence in a duty of care to participants, and that failure of care causes an injury to the participant. Some examples are:

  • Faulty equipment
  • Improper supervision or non-adherence to safety standards
  • Inadequate or negligent maintenance of the property on which sports
  • Defective products or sporting equipment
  • Dangerous conditions at the venue
  • Reckless or intentional conduct
  • Unsafe activities or environment

Serious sporting injuries, including brain injury or spinal cord injury, can affect you physically and mentally for life and may leave you permanently disabled.

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