Truck or Bus Accidents

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Truck or Bus Accident Injury Attorney

A collision or other accident involving a truck, tractor-trailer, semi, bus, or a delivery vehicle isn’t the typical auto accident. The people in the car are more likely to sustain a serious or life-altering injury in this kind of accident;  an injury that that could require life-long care; or tragically, possibly the death of a loved one.

Establishing Liability for Compensation

Dealing with filing a claim against a commercial transportation company can seem intimidating for an individual, and most especially if you think, or the transportation company claims, you are partially responsible. California has  “comparative negligence” laws, meaning that each party is responsible for damages based on the extent to which they contributed to the accident.  Insurance companies will therefore try to show how responsible you were for the accident.  We will protect your right to compensation from those liable.

When you are injured in a truck or bus accident, our attorneys and investigation experts at Kurtz Law thoroughly investigate the facts with the goal of demonstrating the company’s liability and winning maximum compensation for you. We gather important contributing facts as evidence of possible truck or bus driver contributing factors to the accident.  Driver fatigue, distracted driving, speeding, unsafe driving, or vehicle malfunctions are all examples of possible contributing factors.

Rightful Compensation Includes Immediate & Long-Term Losses

Commercial insurance companies often attempt to settle claims immediately – during the time you are overwhelmed with the immediacy of your medical treatment and least likely to have the ability to deal with or present your rightful claim.  An expert attorney  to handle claim filings, confront negotiations, and demonstrate the true cost of your losses is crucial for you.  In addition to the immediate medical costs of your injury, you may also have losses or costs that you aren’t expecting, and insurance companies may not want to wait to consider such as:

  • medical transportation
  • surgeries
  • hospital stays
  • specialized physician treatment
  • medical equipment
  • physical therapy
  • lost wages, job opportunities, or retirement contributions
  • loss of your vehicle

Our top priority is getting you all the medical care you need now and in the days following a truck or bus accident. Our ultimate goal is to win for you rightful compensation for the totality of your losses.

If you or a member of your family has been injured or has been killed in a truck or bus accident, call us. There is no cost to you for a consultation about your case. You don’t pay any legal fees to us unless we win compensation for you.

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